ethiopia – day 4.

court day. after breakfast our group of 6 other families headed off to the federal court building to meet with the judge that would decide our adoption case. the judge was a very soft spoken woman that asked us a half dozen questions while looking over our file. next she asked us if we understood that under ethiopian law this adoption could not be annulled, and then asked us if we consented to this adoption. with tears of joy in both of our eyes we said yes. “then the child is yours” she stated, and with that our court appearance was over. wow, it was official – genet was legally part of our family.

after everyone else was done we went back to the guest house to enjoy a traditional ethiopian lunch together.

back to the volunteer house to start packing for our trip home home. once we were all packed kim and i headed out with a friend from our group to visit ahope (an orphanage for kids with hiv). we spent a couple of ours touring both locations and visiting with the kids and the executive director. before our next trip back to ethiopia we will be collecting supplies for ahope (more details on what is needed will follow in a later blog post).

dinner at metro pizza with our travel group was how we ended our time in ethiopia from there we were off to the airport to begin our journey home.